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A website is more than just a pretty face – it's a storefront, a directory, a showroom, a portal to your company's business operations and culture. As such, it should function as smoothly and efficiently as your business—a true representation of your brand and business model. That's where functional planning and information architecture come in: the process of planning and organizing every aspect is essential to building a website that's more than just an online billboard. It not only ensures the best possible results in reaching your current objectives, it also allows optimal flexibility for accommodating future growth opportunities.

And FIS guides you through it from navigation and indexing to formatting and layout, we begin every web development project by developing detailed blueprints. Our team is adept at discovering your needs and building them into a strong and strategic skeleton—the major foundation for a successful website. We take great care in establishing your primary goals and planning a site that best achieves them through effective organization and structure. Then we distil all the accumulated ideas and information into a concise and methodical outline. This is best done as a team, since what makes sense to one may not make sense to others, and we aim for maximum coherence and accuracy. Through this process, we define and design the key structural components of web development:

 Wireframe – a rough sketch of how pages will appear; a concrete plan showing approximate placement to which we will later add more artistic design elements.

Sitemap – a cascading list of links and sub-links working within the pages of your website, which aids both designers in achieving your objectives and visitors in finding their way around.

Navigation – the way users will follow and interact with your website, moving from the most important ideas (your primary goal) to specific actions or information with the least number of clicks possible. This is where defining your primary goal is key: do you want your viewers to linger and take in your presentation, or cross the finish line and revel in the speed of your delivery?

Coding – the method of design used to turn all of the above into a functional, dynamic, and visually-appealing website that effectively fulfils your goals and works within your business model.

No matter how simple or complex your site is to become, and no matter how much or little planning you've done in advance, we'll walk you through this process. We want to build a site that achieves – and exceeds – your objectives, and this is the tried and true beginning.


The approved information architecture documentation together with the foundation set by the creative requirements will provide the basis for the creation of various design directions. The design directions will be presented via PDF composites of the home page and a secondary page. The quantity of revision cycles will be included in the project plan.

Once the final creative design concept is approved, the detailed design phase will begin. FIS will create a series of layout composites for key page templates (the amount to be determined post Discovery Phase) to accommodate content on the public website. Templates for promotional banners and callouts will be designed in conjunction with the page layouts. Adequate revision cycles will be included to ensure that the designs are meeting the creative and user requirements.

A series of easy-to–use graphics templates will be provided in Photoshop format to ensure a clean, professional look. Styles will be created via the latest standards in HTML 5, XHTML and CSS to ensure a professional, consistent look across the site. FIS will also deliver a creative style guide to indicate the typographic styles, colours, imagery, layout grids, navigation and content styles used on the site.









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